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about me

Wedding planner in Apulia

I did not choose this work: it chose me. I am an apulian wedding planner who works in Italy and abroad, realising destination wedding that make concrete my couples’ dreams. Leading by my passion and the continous desire to improve, I daily work to increase my competences, studying the latest trends and experiencing with new ideas, in order to guarantee the best to my clients. 

From dream to reality

Let's create your customised event together


The passion for details makes the difference

Thanks to my experience and my passion, I provide to the couple a full service from the venue selection to the travel arrangiaments for the guest, from the budget management to the wedding day coordination.

I knew Elisabetta on Instagram one year before the wedding. At the first appointment she gained immediately also the groom’s trust (usually very skeptical) and without doubt we entrust to her the organization of our most important day. With her by my side I wasn’t scared… I was very calm and I lived all the preparation’s period… until the wedding day… with extremely serenity.

I was able to live completely the emotion of a big event without the stress that assails and sometimes conditions the choices of those who face all without support. You were my “guardian angel”…. dear Elisabetta.

You create an unforgettable day that left a sign in everyone in all those who have had the good fortune to share with us unique and unrepeatable emotions.



Wedding organized in less than three months, but nothing was left at the case. An excellent and efficient professional figure, a support especially for a couple as mine, shift workers and little children’s parents. Elisabetta, a prepared manager able to coordinate the different suppliers in a decisive way. Never intrusive.

Captured in a very short time our tastes and guided us to the right way. Certainly, an important support also at the wedding day. An ever-watchful and perceptive gaze. Recommended before, during, and why not, even after…. she leaves a small hole in your heart.

From professional wedding planner to friend



Elisabetta was part of the team that did the arrangements for our wedding making the chosen location unique and creating a wonderful atmosphere.



Your Destination
Wedding in Apulia

Via Giuseppe A. Pugliese, 316, 70020 Toritto (BA)
+39 333 3971032

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