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I contatti di Elisabetta D'Ambrogio - Wedding planner
Destination Wedding planner in Puglia - Elisabetta D'Ambrogio - Wedding package Italy
Destination Wedding planner in Puglia - Elisabetta D'Ambrogio - italian weddings packages
About me

Destination Wedding Planner Puglia

I am Elisabetta D'Ambrogio, a destination wedding planner in Puglia that for several years has dedicated herself with passion and dedication to creating unforgettable weddings for couples who dream of a perfect day. Specialised in the field, my goal is to offer a full wedding day coordination service, guaranteeing a flawless event in every detail.

Energy, creativity and strong organisational and planning skills are what characterise each of my projects.

Years of experience

From fashion to Destination Wedding

My training started in the field of fashion, in my mother's atelier and later managing haute couture boutiques. My experience in the industry taught me the importance of taste, style and attention to detail, qualities that I bring with me to the world of events and wedding planning. Today I mainly work on Destination Wedding, planning weddings in exclusive venues, both abroad and in my beloved Puglia.

Wedding planner in Puglia - Elisabetta D'Ambrogio - wedding packages in italy


Your Destination
Wedding in Apulia

Via Giuseppe A. Pugliese, 316, 70020 Toritto (BA)
+39 333 3971032

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