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La Dolce Vita: wedding shooting in Apulia

La dolce vita Puglia - matrimonio in Puglia

We realised a Dolce Vita themed photo shoot, a real journey through Apulia‘s most iconic landscapes, during which the enchanting atmosphere of this unique region was immortalised. Through a series of fascinating scenarios, we imagined the story of two lovers immersed in the beauty of the Apulian countryside, ready to swear eternal love.

The journey begins with an immersion in the rural Apulian landscape on board a vintage car: an unfailing touch of retro elegance that really speaks of glamour and freedom. Then, near the characteristic trulli, the couple appreciates the tranquillity and serenity of the landscape, immersed in the history and magic of this unique place. Finally, in their beautiful wedding dresses, the couple exchange their ‘yes’ in an atmosphere of pure magic, surrounded by the timeless beauty of the trulli and the majestic expanses of centuries-old olive trees.

These picturesque settings provided the perfect backdrop to celebrate the authenticity and charm of Apulia, capturing the essence of La Dolce Vita in one of Italy’s most fascinating places.

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Wedding in Apulia

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