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Training course for event planners

Corso - Elisabetta D'Ambrogio

The course is intended to be a proposal that favours the choice and in-depth study of cultural content that can develop or train professionals who already work or intend to enter the world of event organisation, providing technical, historical and creative skills.

The course consisted of five days of teaching, alternating between lectures given in person by Angelo Garini, who was in charge of both the presentation of theoretical aspects and practical exercises and workshops with the students, and lectures given by experienced professionals in the sector, his regular collaborators.

During the course, all the points necessary to realise an event or a wedding were addressed, starting with an understanding of what the wedding planner profession represents: its origin, its skills, suggesting how to present oneself correctly and professionally in a complex market, but one that can give great satisfaction.

The aim of the course is to provide an overview of all the areas involved in the production of an event, stimulating the participant to a constant and continuous deepening that aims at the formation of the professional and not of the character.

The subject matters were:

  • The creative organisation of an event and the study of its scenography.
  • Wedding planner in the field: experience is Elisabetta D’Ambrogio’s point of view.
  • The identification and choice of location; the inspection.
  • The first meeting with the bride and groom.
  • Case history with presentation and account of some realisations of events.
  • The graphic project: invitations, wedding invitations, ceremony booklet, menus and again rules of etiquette and creativity, proposals for the realisation of invitations (formats, styles, materials); the calligraphic choice, with the contribution of the graphic designer present in the classroom.
  • History of the flower in pictorial iconography; different styles in floral arrangements from different eras, practical composition workshop to create a centrepiece.
  • Correct composition of a menu: timing and serving methods with professionals in the classroom.
  • The music project: from the ceremony to the reception, ending in celebration, suggestions and invitation to personal research.
  • The photos: the importance of perfect collaboration with the photographers involved. The point of view of the professional present in the classroom.
  • The art of creating cosy spaces for weddings and private events, and the use of lighting to enhance perceptions. Examples in the art world.
  • The realisation of the project and its presentation.
  • Aspects of publicising an event: creating the news, drafting a press release, creating a press kit.
  • Personal branding: how to build one’s image by narrating oneself in a correct and appealing manner, the “naming”, the “tone of voice”.
  • Fiscal management of one’s own activity, contracts (professionals).

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